Our primary research location will always be in Redmond, but Cambridge is a stand-alone lab, ... We're not dictating their research.

Your notebook knows all that about you already. We think we could put this information to use.

It's a very early stage of the technology.

Our number one priority is to expand the state of the art in each of the areas in which we do research.

Yet many significant challenges remain to be solved in the push toward digital inclusion on a global scale. We hope these programs will encourage more researchers to pursue approaches in computing technology that advance these goals--getting us one step closer to digital inclusion.

The personal and informational connections made possible through computing and communications technology are becoming ever more critical to economic, educational and social progress.

Today, it's hard to find anything we do as a company that hasn't been influenced by the research group.

The opportunity to have Roger [Needham] involved is what really brought us to Cambridge.

You should not go. Things will be very unpleasant for you if you go.