The third judge and the referee will be from the Philippines. At least they're not from Cambodia, or Vietnam, or some other neighboring country. But I told Carina we probably need to knock her down a couple of times to get the decision. And they'll definitely have the home turf and the weather on their side, too.

We decided we had an obligation to look into it.

I don't know what we said, but it was kind of like a high-five, we really pulled this off. It was better than we thought it was going to be. Even now when I talk about it I get chills.

She can focus more. Not that she hasn't been focused over here.

We had to get permission from seven or eight governments. Nobody had painted a line at Fort Jackson. When you cross the Gervais and Blossom Street bridges, you have to get the state highway department involved.

It's all business. We come to win. Even in Vegas, you can't go romping around until after the fight.

They only thing we've received is a DVD that basically shows her in training. She's hitting the bags and sparring a little bit. We can't tell a whole lot from watching that, but we did see a couple of things.

We didn't appreciate the impact at the start. It was really a defensive maneuver for the runners as well as spectators. People saw the blue line and knew to stay away if they didn't want to be involved on race day.

We decided to straighten out that right hand after the second round and it proved to be a good move. Carina landed several solid right hands in the third and fourth rounds and we really felt like we were ahead. Unfortunately we were on the wrong side of what I think was a bad call. We just didn't get in enough rounds. I know we would've worn her out.