I'm so glad it's finally over.

He is a typical guy, liked hunting, fishing, sports, fast cars.

You have to be cautious, but you don't want to be overly cautious. Because then you can't do your job, and you're putting everybody at risk.

He'll sit in his room and try to lift his legs. He picks his pant leg up.

Before, it was more of a blank stare. Now, he'll turn his eyes to you and look you in the eyes when you talk to him. You can look at his eyes and know if it's him.

All the big players are now in the water.

There's not a mark on his face. There's not a mark on his arms. There's only a mark on his side. It's a miracle he's out of there.

When most people are drinking pop, he's drinking milk and juice. He's in good shape. That had to have helped him.

Everybody says you're making a lot of money. Yeah, but we're risking our lives every day. We're just here for our families. That's the only reason.