Rick Larsen
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"Richard Ray "Rick" Larsen" is the United States House of Representatives/United States Representative for and a member of the Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic Party. He was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2000 and was re-elected in each of the six subsequent elections, most recently in United States House of Representatives elections in Washington, 2014/2014.

Larsen is a member of the United States House Committee on Armed Services/House Armed Services Committee and the United States House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure/House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

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On paper, this district was designed (after the 2000 census) to be competitive, but elections aren't run on paper.

At NAS Whidbey the future is so bright you got to wear shades, ... The BRAC commission's decision will have no impact on the NAS Whidbey's future.

Where our Southern Border battles a great deal of illegal immigration, the Northern Border's threats are more often drug, gun, and money smuggling by criminal organizations, ... These unique threats call for trained law-enforcement professionals who are skilled in dealing with organized crime and our border's unique geography.

The lobbying on CNOOC was particularly intense on both sides, ... It was really symbolic of the problems that we are having defining what our relationship with China will be in the future.

I hadn't seen a Chinese ambassador on the Hill before, ... In the past four months, the Chinese embassy has been more aggressive in trying to contact members of Congress.

The public isn't clamoring for any more lapdogs in Congress -- they want more watchdogs, especially after Katrina and the challenges we face in Iraq and the issues of fiscal responsibility with the budget.

[Some lawmakers remain skeptical.] We're concerned that the administration still doesn't get what we understand within our communities, ... Frankly, local communities have done as much as they can, and now they need federal help.

This bill is like cutting down the tree with the bald eagle's nest in it when you could have just trimmed the branches, ... It proposes unreasonable solutions to reasonable concerns.

They just get so many wrestlers qualified, and they are good wrestlers, that it will be hard to beat them.