Rick Hoffman
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"Rick Hoffman" is an American actor. He is best known for portraying Patrick Van Dorn in Jake in Progress and List of Suits characters#Louis Litt/Louis Litt in the legal drama series Suits (TV series)/Suits. He also appeared in the 2005 horror film Hostel (2005 film)/Hostel.

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Usually the art districts are formed because they're low-rent districts to begin with, and bohemian, and living in poor conditions, ... At 43 and 52, we're not interested in being scrappy.

We traveled literally over 10,000 miles by car, looking at places.

We're in the unfortunate position today where it's been taken out of our hands somewhat.

Even though the storefronts looked vacant, there was a lot of work happening inside, ... Seeing that, we realized this place has a lot of potential.

I want to assure everyone in St. Joseph and the surrounding communities that we are committed to moving forward with the completion of the facility, hiring employees, and commencing operations as quickly as possible.

It all depends on the rate of implementation [of the improvements], the money available and the political will.

We obviously had to be convinced that the city was behind this before we put out our money to do this.