Rick Hill
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"Richard "Rick" Hill" is a former Republican Party (United States)/Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from Montana. He was the Republican candidate for Governor of Montana in 2012.

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I think Montanans want to be represented by a mainstream conservative on the court, and that's what John Roberts is. They don't want a court that is going to try and legislate.

You need to be trendy and to not only get the best gifts, but the best gifts with the most sizzle that use all $500. Something that we learned is nobody over 35 is allowed to vote on what we give out. It's all interns, equipment managers and athletes.

Unbelievable scenery, with the backdrop of the lighthouse and the boats. Great place to come out and enjoy some good times with friends.

He was pulling in six figures. It didn't look like working together was in the cards.

When you sponsor a bowl game, you get your name in lights. College football fans are the most passionate fans in the world. Bowl games are 90 years old. There is such tradition. You align yourself with that.

Parents don't want a dead animal on their kitchen table.

We want this to be San Antonio's bowl. It is San Antonio's bowl.