Education is key to not getting ripped off in the real estate process.

We're adding jobs at three to four times the monthly rate in July 2002.

Why is there so much standardization in the industry? There's a very simple answer for that -- Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Families would add economic impact above and beyond the crew members.

Say you are five months behind on your mortgage payment, and the lender will not take partial payments. You can say, 'I will make my normal payment plus 1/ 36th of my arrearage a month over three years.' The lender is forced to accept that if the court approves it.

The effect is small but positive.

You normally file 13 to keep your house out of foreclosure.

Retail sales in the metropolitan area are rising faster than the rest of the state.

It doesn't make sense to think of them as two counties. They are joined at the hip.