We had several opportunities to keep it close, but every time we did, we kept squandering it. We'd have a breakaway, and we would either have a bad pass or pass it into a crowd. Or we'd kick it out of bounds.

They (St. Andrew's) could have a bad game and if we can pick up our game, we can surprise them.

Natchez had a few opportunities, not a lot. They took advantage of theirs.

St. Andrew's is always consistently good.

We had a lot of scoring opportunities, but we kept giving the ball back to them. This is our best game we've had against them.

They need everything in the front here torn down today. Everything in the back, after the NCAA, will come down next Monday.

They've been in the top 10. A lot of people have them winning South State. Maybe we can do something about it. I want them going in there with confidence and play like they're capable of.