It was a great win and it was a good tournament for us. It was frustrating to let the big lead get away, but it was nice to see the inbounds play work.

We're taking better care of the ball.

I thought our defense was tremendous.

McDaniel was not getting good looks. We were very aware of where he was, but then (Eric) Brown started making 3-pointers.

It was a great win for us. It was one of those total team efforts, where everybody did something important to help us win.

We feel we can play pretty good defense, and any time you play good defense on a consistent basis you're going to be in the game.

One of the biggest factors was a lack of officials ... the commissioner of officials (Bert Haskins of Merced) said he just couldn't supply enough during the winter. Also, the schools in the northern half of the section were against it for lack of fields. A lot of those schools have freshman teams.

We broke it most of the time, but we turned the ball over too much. We're averaging 15 turnovers per game, and you can't do that.