We can't make mistakes, we can't give up the big plays, we can't turn the ball over. We have to control the ball and the clock. The team that is the most physical and makes the least mistakes is going to win.

They're good. But they're always good. They're hard to beat. They've got good players, and they're well-coached.

They're not that complicated on offense. They don't do a lot of different things. But what they do, they do well. We know what they're going to do. They're going to run the wing-T and give it to those backs, and they're not going to throw it a lot. Now we've got to find a way to stop them.

I think the key to the game was we stopped their running game. Then they had to throw it. When they had to throw it, we kept them in front of us.

We're finally learning how to make some plays on defense, instead of letting (the other team) make plays on us.

Answering them after they scored at the beginning of the third quarter was big.

This is the best defense they've had since I've been the coach here. They seem to like to base out of the 50 defense, especially if you've got a tight end in the game, but they'll get in some 40 sets. Their defense isn't very big, but they're lightning quick. Any defense that holds Lowndes to 100 yards rushing is impressive.

This was probably the best team we've played all season. They were as good as we thought they would be.