There you go. We're at war.

It's exciting to watch these kids play. They're playing like a team. You're starting to see, where if somebody tries to step out on one of them, they're swinging the ball to the other person or kicking down to the low block.

You got to love the kids heart. They were trying their guts out. The foul shots just didn't fall.

She deserves all the accolades that she gets. She's a great player and a great person.

I think the biggest thing that caused her to get better was her maturity. Her talent is obvious. But now the other girls can look at her as a leader.

The kid took the bull by the horns and did what she had to do.

We picked our defense up in the second half. Every kid on the floor played defense as hard as they could. I am so proud of how our kids fought back.

He was dedicated to the concept of having a place for people to come and express themselves freely. There is history there.

Now think about crawling into a burning house not knowing where you're going, you don't know how long it's been burning or if the floor is about to collapse under you. There's a lot of scary things that go through our minds.