Somebody somewhere is looking up to us as an example, and if we don't care about what we're doing to ourselves we should care about the path we're leading them down.

The issue is not going to die. We will make this a major issue as we go into the 2007 legislative session.

They're pretty gullible at that age.

You want to talk about the worst week of your life? I was only 26 years old, and I was waiting to see if I had cancer.

Ask them to tell you when they smoke and leave the room.

I don't care what tobacco companies are saying, they're flat out lying. This stuff is addictive, and I still consider myself addicted. I haven't used it in better than 18 years, but I still love the smell of it and I consider myself an addict . . . once you're an addict, whether you stop using or not, you're always an addict.

The day you start is the day you put your body at risk.