Richie Sexson
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"Richmond Lockwood "Richie" Sexson" is a former Major League Baseball first baseman who played for five teams from 1997 to 2008. At 6'8", Sexson is the tallest position player in MLB history.

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The truth is that this is the worst I've ever felt at the plate for this long a period of time.

Teams like Kansas City coming in here are scary, ... Eventually, they have to win. You just hope it's not you.

I'm getting consistent at the plate. I'm starting to see teams for the second and third times. I'm settling in. I think it's working.

We're starting to make it happen.

It surprised me that he went home.

The meat of our order hasn't really done anything.

It's not a milestone. When you first get to the big leagues, you don't think in terms of getting 1,000 hits. It's just something that can happen when you stay around awhile.

The meat of our order still hasn't done anything and we're still winning games.

If not now, then when? The time is perfect for a change, I think. I know I can do better than I've been doing. Right now my swing is in a bad place.