"Richard Lee Winger" is an United States/American political activist and analyst. He is the publisher and editor of Ballot Access News. He sits on the editorial board of the Election Law Journal. Winger publishes analysis, statistics and legal information and supports more equitable laws allowing access to the ballot for Minor party/minor parties.

Winger is widely regarded as an expert on ballot access and election law.Theodore J. Lowi/Lowi, Theodore J; Romance, Joseph (1998)

Though not a lawyer, he testifies in court cases and legislative hearings and is a source for media and political organizers.{{cite web / url=http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Elections/2010/0907/Californians-debate-debates-Who-gets-to-participate/(page)/2 /title= Californians debate debates: Who gets to participate?

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The only state where it's clearly more difficult for an independent candidate to get on the ballot for governor is Alabama.

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