The IPE's Brent Crude futures contract is a global benchmark for pricing of the world's oil. We are delighted to enter into this co-operative venture with NCDEX, which we believe will reinforce the significance of the Brent Crude futures contract.

Most people say the easy oil has been found. So these techniques are not only attractive, they're absolutely mandatory to keep the oil flowing.

Aggressive and effective state participation and support for economic development.

It's not a place you can be a little off. You don't have the variable of a long runway to correct any errors.

They were very good to me, but I still didn't like being in a nursing home, I can choose what kind of groceries I want. I can see my family whenever I want to.

It has all the makings of a new office corridor for the metropolitan area. I-55 could be what (Highway) 40 has been on the west side of the region.

I'm very concerned. If we're interested in recycling urban areas, instead of just promoting sprawl, then we need this tool. There's a lot of misunderstanding about it.

If we used conventional direct-attach storage systems, warehousing this much information would be too laborious and unproductive. Moreover, thanks to our SAN, we no longer back up data over the production network, which had in the past diminished bandwidth and slowed delivery of our business applications and resources.

It was the bottled history of what we've done over the past 25 years.