"Richard Walton" was an United States/American writer, teacher, and politician. He was the Vice President of the United States/vice-presidential nominee in 1984 of the short-lived Citizens Party (United States)/Citizens Party; Sonia Johnson was the party's presidential nominee that year.

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Maybe there's just kind of a malaise in the land these days. God knows that's not hard to believe.

What the state government said, unless it falls into some other category, if someone breaks into a neighbor's barn and steals a $4,000 ATV, he's going to go to county jail unless he has a prior felony or is on probation when it happened, ... If someone, however, breaks into 18 churches, this may be considered a pattern, this is not just, 'oops, I made a mistake.'

It's probably not as progressive politically as it used to be, ... We still have echoes of that, but we don't program as much overtly progressive stuff.

They all sensibly moved on at one time or another, but I hung on for about 15 years.

We've had a couple of difficult years financially, ... but we were so strong financially.

I wish it was more progressive.

He's always been customer oriented, ... He's very good with people. He's trained a number of managers when he worked at Kresge. Back then, Kresge was the Wal-Mart of its day. It had a lunch counter. He knew about everyone who walked in the door.