I feel they should have been able to provide this information a lot quicker than they did. These kids, the state is their family. The state needs to look out for them, and the state needs to keep track of them.

Even though she grew up there, we don't think she had anyone to show her the city.

The focus is going to be on prevention, ... Let's don't wait for the problem to raise its ugly head. Let's make sure controls are in place to reduce the opportunity for any waste, fraud or mismanagement.

When you do something like this, you do increase the vulnerability for fraud, plain waste, abuse and mismanagement, ... We are very apprehensive about what we are seeing.

I think they really wanted to help us, ... But they're overwhelmed and understaffed.

We just want to let her know we exist, ... That we're waiting for her.

We've been looking at all the contracts from day one. One concern is whether you are getting the fair market value. The second is whether the people we are giving contracts to are the best qualified.

Most, if not all, of these people down there were trying to do the right thing. They were under a lot of pressure, and they took a lot of shortcuts that may have resulted in a lot of waste. And they may have abused their authority to enter into contracts that they were not authorized to do.