"Richard Shepard" (born 1965) is an American film director/film and television director and screenwriter.

In 2007 Shepard received a Directors Guild of America Award and an Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series/Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for the television pilot Ugly Betty.

Shepard was born in New York City, New York. Shepard's father was from an Austro-Hungarian Jewish background and Shepard's mother was of Armenian descent.

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I didn't want him to be slick in this movie. Instead of designer looks, we wanted all of his clothes to be a half size too small. I wanted him to have a mustache. This character is an equal-opportunity letch, and Pierce just went with it. I think he appreciated focusing on the character, not how his hair looked.

They said, 'I love this hotel.' .

Bullfighting ... is past its prime and is slowly dying out; and Pierce, as his character, is past his prime and is slowly dying out. It complements things that Pierce has done. What we haven't seen in Pierce before is the vulnerability because in every part he's ever played, he's always been in control. What's funny about Julian is he should be in total control, but he's a total mess.

Pierce just fully went for it, ... I said early on, 'If he doesn't give 110% percent this is not going to work. It's not one of those roles where you can charm your way through. Pierce is an incredibly accomplished actor, and he's very funny. I don't want to sound like some asshole blowing smoke, but the fact is that it's true, and the movie is much better for it.

I saw him as someone skinny with a potbelly. I wanted his clothes to be a little tight. I wanted him to have a moustache with gray hair in it and a crew cut. There were a lot of discussions about that, but at a certain point, Pierce turned the corner. Once he decided he was going to go for it, he went for it. He loved it. He walked around with his toenails painted all day.