It's a difficult targeting package. You can set them back, but ... much of what we can destroy, the Iranians can reconstitute domestically.

You can delay, disrupt and kick the can down the road. You are not going to solve it. Ultimately you need to have a political resolution in some shape or form, but the military instrument can help you achieve that diplomatic resolution and it can also buy you time.

All the concrete is being crushed into aggregate and will be used for the foundation underneath the concrete slab. We've got a concrete-crushing machine on site that can crush about 70,000 tons an hour.

The ground force option is not a viable option.

As gold works its way higher, and as central bank inflation continues, the 'great unwashed public' will become increasingly more concerned with protecting their purchasing power and protecting what wealth they still possess. Thus fear of loss of wealth and purchasing power will continue to power the great bull market in real money -- gold.

The gap between value systems and high-performance systems will grow.

There is a broad and widely dispersed program infrastructure that could be targeted. It's not an easy target package to target but you could do it in a sustained aerial bombardment campaign.

Our experience from Iraq, for example, showed substantial intelligence shortcomings. You'd have to assume we too suffer from enormous intelligence shortcoming vis a vis Iran. That would be a problem.

Personally, I think it will break down, but hey, that's just what I think.