Richard Roby
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"Richard Roby" is an American professional basketball player for the Akita Northern Happinets of the Japanese bj league. He attended high school at Lawrence Academy at Groton, Massachusetts. Roby attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and played for the Colorado Buffaloes men's basketball/Buffaloes from 2004 to 2008. He averaged 17 points and 5.5 rebounds during his career for the Buffaloes. He graduated as Colorado's all-time leading scorer, doing so in his final collegiate game.

Roby is the half-brother of Kenyon Martin. Roby was married in 2011 to Kendrea Oliver in Las Vegas, Nevada. Together they have three children

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We're supposed to be the home team. We're supposed to get the majority of the crowd, but they were the home team today.

We talk a little bit and text message each other a lot. He helps keep me down to earth, and it's just funny how we got to play in the same state as each other.

We came out with a lot of intensity on defense, but that only lasted a little bit.

There's no target for me. Whenever I'm ready, I'll go.

I think we were playing soft today. We got pushed around and dominated on the boards.

Their big men played well. They executed their stuff to a T. They shared the ball and just did everything they needed to do to win. That's something a veteran team like us should be doing, but a young group like that is doing it.

Right now, I'm playing for Colorado, and that's my focus.

It's definitely an emotional win. We wanted to come in here and do something a lot of teams haven't been able to do.

It definitely was messing with his mind a little. Once he got the lid off, it helped his confidence. He can bang and rebound . . . He's a guy you want to have on the court.