Mobile are a key revenue-generating service emerging in China.

There is a place for moderate Republicans. I think that there are a handful of liberal Republicans out there who really should be Democrats. Mike Holmes is that type of Republican.

This has been a stellar quarter and year for Scholastic, enabling us to exceed our revenue and profit goals.

This type of adversity tends to galvanize your support.

Mobile is the key revenue generating service emerging in China. Money is being made in the mobile sector as Internet downloading is huge but almost entirely pirated.

Kids are our customers and so we are very directly connected to them. That's the secret of our success.

I think back now, it's like nothing was going through my mind. Somebody swung at me and my natural reaction was to fight back. I'm not a violent person, I'm far from it. But I also work hard for what's mine and I'm going to defend it.

Record-breaking sales of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince drove significantly higher results in children's book publishing and distribution and for the company overall.

Uncle's taking a photo of me on my bike.