Richard Riordan
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"Richard Joseph "Dick" Riordan" was the 39th Mayor of Los Angeles, California serving from 1993 to 2001. He is a member of the Republican Party. To date, Riordan remains the last Republican to serve as Mayor of Los Angeles.

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If film and television producers do not reach an agreement with the writers, it (Los Angeles) could take a U-turn back to the days of high unemployment and economic recession.

We want to work with the unions. We want to give them a reasonable increase in wages.

This is a sad day for the city of Los Angeles.

Bonding for this purpose will not impact the city's debt limits or credit rating, ... and will continue the city's receipt of tobacco settlement funds with zero financial risk to the city.

I was able to cop out for reckless driving and it's part of my record. I'm not proud of it, but I think its helped me understand myself better.

The recall election offers us a choice: We can either continue with politics as usual in California, or we can elect someone who works on behalf of every Californian, not just the special interests, ... I believe Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very talented man who would make an excellent governor.

He's done a great job of demonizing Dick Riordan, and I think people have to show Gray Davis [that] you can't steal the Republican primary, because that's his way of winning in November, ... We can't stand four more years of Gray Davis.

The (Democratic convention) will be a very disciplined, well-planned, business-type event.

Thank God it took place in a remote area where there appears to be no tremendous damage or personal injuries.