Richard Reid
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"Richard Colvin Reid", also known as the "Shoe Bomber", is a British man who attempted 2001 shoe bomb plot/to detonate explosives packed into the shoes he was wearing, while on American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami. Born to a father who was a career criminal, Reid converted to Islam as a young man in prison after years as a petty criminal himself. Later he became radicalised and went to Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he trained and became a member of al-Qaeda.

On 22 December 2001, he boarded American Airlines Flight 63 between Paris and Miami, wearing shoes packed with explosives, which he unsuccessfully tried to detonate. Passengers subdued him on the plane, which landed at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, the closest US airport. He was subsequently arrested and indicted. In 2002, Reid pleaded guilty in United States federal courts/U.S. federal court to eight criminal counts of terrorism, based on his attempt to destroy a commercial aircraft in flight. He was sentenced to 3 life terms plus 110 years in prison without parole and is held in a Supermax/super maximum security prison in the United States.

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For all the problems i have caused you both in life and in death.

Basically I got on a plane with a bomb. Basically I tried to ignite it.

At the end of the day, I know I did the actions.

Eyes and ears of alert citizens.

Which was to engage in a war on terrorism without regard to his own life and to cause death to Americans.

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A defining day in America's war against terrorism.

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