This convention is actually about trade clearly exceeds the mandate of UNESCO, ... deeply flawed and fundamentally incompatible with (the agency's) obligation to promote the free flow of ideas by word and image.

Politically, this is the biggest meeting that brings together the major nations of the West and Islam.

You may be aware that the AeA is predominantly a grassroots, member-driven organization. This past Fall, we held a series of town hall meetings around the country. Out of those meetings we bubbled up what were the major concerns of our member companies. I don't think you will find that there are any surprises here.

The government has a right to ask what the source of the money is, and be sure it isn't from the same crime he's being charged with.

The thing we had a lot of requests for is American flags. Everyone wants those. We're out of them now but we're trying to get more as quickly as possible.

She was incredibly important. She was one of that first group in the 1930s of designers recognized by name.

It is obvious that we should not offer to produce what has not been asked for.

We are finding that the President has surrounded himself with some capable and pretty knowledgeable people. I am comfortable that they will adequately be able to represent the issues.

When I started, the barrier was 28 weeks. That was 30 years ago, and you would have been considered insane to treat a baby under 28 weeks.