We've made no commitments at this point, but we've certainly considered the possibility of growing, ... We'll make those decisions not based on national trends, but what looks right for Yale.

The outstanding performance by the Investments Office in the past year has matched a record of achievement over time that has earned (Chief Investment Officer) David Swensen and his colleagues the highest possible praise and admiration from their peers.

Of course we're willing to listen to concerns that will be raised.

He was a forceful advocate for causes he believed in, ... Sometimes he regarded himself as the conscience of the University.

Yale?s capacity to fulfill its ambitious mission has been greatly enhanced by their superb stewardship of the endowment.

I think that my job is more to set direction, define objectives and develop strategies for reaching them, ... One takes account of the various constituencies in both shaping that agenda and persuading people about it, but if the primary goal were just balancing off the different interests of people, that would make the job pretty uninteresting.

I have many broad responsibilities, ... [Vice President for Finance and Administration John Pepper] is the person with direct responsibility in the area.

We told him we would take it under advisement.

You have to have a feel for what's really going to work in the long run, what the issues are that may seem controversial in the short run, ... If you're pretty confident that you've thought it through, you'll go ahead. But if there's a lot of controversy and you actually listen to the opposition, sometimes you decide they're right.