One of the things that investors are gradually starting to recognize is that business software is very sticky.

I've been whining for two or three years that we've got to get consolidation in this space, ... In the bubble you had way too many companies go public. All these companies turned out to be features and not companies. Now part of the driver is a realization by the big companies that this is a way to capture growth.

Lives and our credibility are at stake, ... We will only prevail if we do the right things and not hesitate. This issue should not be hidden for obvious safety issues and because of future litigation.

It's time to find her. It's been a long 10 years.

Our biggest goal is to bring Kiplyn home. We want to put her where she needs to be put, then let justice go from there. We're hoping that these people who have been arrested, will soften their hearts and tell us where she is.

I am sorry for my actions. I have no excuse. I just hope to get the chance to clean up my life.

They're a good football team, let me clarify that. They're the new kids on the block, coming off a 0-10 season, but if you look back at their scores they're not giving scores up to anybody.

They sell complicated software to real customers.

Some of these post-bubble things make sense. The real question as a buyer is whether there is so much broken glass there it's not worth the effort.