Until the IPCC report is published, we are all in the realms of speculation.

There are some specialists who are working far more than that. ... The pressure is just enormous.

I'd have to be just a little bit bitter if I was him. Just the way it was done was wrong. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

We welcome this first fully integrated public transport ticket for our area.

Jackson was the worst. That should have closed it. That should have thrown the whole thing out.

This is very much in the same spirit as a tax amnesty program and, hopefully, will yield millions of new revenue dollars for the city.

There must be a clear command structure so that ultimately it is the home secretary (interior minister) and the (police) commissioner that are in charge of the security and that there is no blurring of the edges.

States can be leaders in the field of biotechnology while holding firm to moral principles and the protection of human life.

She was very proud of the Civil Service Commission work.