Richard Archer
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"Richard Archer" is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is the lead vocalist, Electric guitar/guitarist, principal songwriter and main composer of indie rock band Hard-Fi. Hard-Fi have produced several top 10 hits and two #1 albums. The influence of Archer's hometown of Staines is often evident in his lyrics. He used to front a band called Contempo (band)/Contempo from 1997 until 2001.

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The bus is a little fuzzy today. Our guitarist just walked in looking like death warmed over.

It's just close enough to the city but no-one ever goes there.

There's towns just like ours in America. I think what we say is quite universal.

We're quite happy to come and gatecrash things.

I was very conscious that you don't get many opportunities in life and we had an opportunity.

No, it's this decade, the one we're living in. It's the only thing that can influence you.

When you think we made the album for £300, it's a vindication of what we've done. Our recording budget is Coldplay's macrobiotic yoghurt budget.

We write songs about ordinary people, not people that have a certain haircut.