There's a certain idea of pickup trucks and cans of beer that kind of go together, and I think that's part of the mentality. People don't see anything wrong or dangerous about drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

If we're looking at what's killing people in this or really any other state, as much as we fear gangs and other crimes, drunk drivers and vehicles are the major cause of death.

The stroke caused me to lose faith, and it was a cold, cold place, and I suddenly realized that it was fierce grace ... that turned my life around.

She stole his life. She stole his hope of anyone else saving his life. That's murder.

We have too many fatalities.

We have a problem with alcohol-related deaths.

We have information that shows that the person was on there long enough that they lived, suffered and they were not given medical attention and that it would have made a difference if they were.