It's a tough job out there for leaders today. I don't want to be critical of leaders. They have a lot to face.

It's amazing that half the American work force expects to be working on a holiday. It's not because of the boss. It is largely because of intrinsic motivation. People have high ambition. People have a high desire to achieve.

Firing these bosses may be a drastic action — instead workers need to provide their bosses with feedback about what will make them better leaders. Poor people skills may not cost the boss their job, but it is costing them the confidence of their teams.

It's an economic problem as well as a company problem.

Americans are working harder than ever, even to the point where they can't seem to enjoy an eight-hour holiday.

While the prospect of firing your boss may be amusing, these are responses from frustrated workers. Bosses need to take a look at where they are falling short and make some changes in how they relate to their teams.