He's not unhappy with the money he'd make. What he's unhappy with is the commitment level from the Jets for one of their quote-unquote best players. He stood out last year. He's done the necessary things on and off the field.

Unfortunately, great players from great teams end up on another team. This is a business decision and he's not an angry player. This is not about the money with John. This is about being somewhere and being a leader on a team that has a chance to win a championship.

He's elated. He's very happy. He's got the long-term deal he's always wanted.

He's not unhappy with the money. It's the commitment factor that he's unhappy with.

He's happy, he's relieved. ... More than anything, John realized it's a business. The Jets gave him an opportunity to be comfortable and very happy.

I don't know if 'point of no return' is the choice of words John would use. I think the thing he'd say for you is, the water's under the bridge. Change is good in life sometimes, and for John moving forward, change would be good.

We understand that they have a right to franchise him. Is it disappointing that what Terry said hasn't come into fruition? Yes. It's a business. Mike's the GM. Mike has to do what Mike has to do.

All in all, he got an opportunity to put himself in a position, with the help of the Jets, to go where he really wanted to go.

Change is good and for John Abraham moving forward, change would be good for him. You get to a point in your career as a player when there's been some unfulfilled promises ... you have to move through that because it's a business. That's what we've been able to do with John, have his sights set on a brighter future.