I am so excited to be coming back to the University of Miami. I enjoyed my time here, and now I get an opportunity to come back and compete for a national championship.

He's catching them across the middle, over the top and on the outside. That has not been an issue.

We just didn't have it and they took it away from us. We won a bunch of basketball games, and our time was up. It hurts.

They didn't have this kind of freedom. We want to put them in the best situation to get successful. If we're running into an eight-man box, we gotta get out of that bad play and get into something else.

We were playing at our kind of tempo. It was a faster tempo, getting up and down the court. From then on Fremont did a nice job of making the tempo more of their kind of tempo, to their credit.

Being able to come back and work with young people where we have a chance to win a national championship, I couldn't pass that up. I had a couple of chances when I was here before and we didn't get it done. Now, I have another chance.

When we play like a team we're pretty tough. When we play like individuals we're not so effective.

This happens to quarterbacks who are able to stay in a system for a number of years and not have to change verbiage and reads. We've changed a little bit, but this happens to all of them. It does slow down for them, because they see things more clearly.

That took the wind out of our sails. It just made the hill a lot higher to climb.