Rich Beem
FameRank: 4

"Won": 2002 PGA Championship/2002

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"Richard Michael Beem" is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour.

Beem was born in Phoenix, Arizona, grew up in El Paso, Texas, and played college golf at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico/Las Cruces.

Beem turned professional in 1994. His early career was broken up by a spell in Seattle selling car stereos and cell phones. He later regained interest after J. P. Hayes won the 1998 Buick Classic [].

This changed in 1999 PGA Tour/1999 when Beem won the Kemper Open as a rookie. His career took a further leap forward in 2002 PGA Tour/2002 with a victory at the The International (golf)/The International in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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The same routine, go home and do my laundry, feed the kids, put them to bed, watch a ball game.

It's in the Old Castle Tavern at St Andrews, ... In two pieces!

I'll go by and see it.

It's always nice to get out there on a fresh golf course, with fresh greens. The greens were perfect for all 18 holes, so it was a great day.

You have to play by feel and I love that.

If he had said, 'No, let's pack it in for the year,' I would have said, 'That sounds good to me.' But I'm happy we both decided to hop on that Southwest flight out here Tuesday morning.

My best finishes this year have been rain delays. I'm just hoping that Mother Nature is a real ornery (woman) tonight.

You always expect him up there. You see his name and you expect him up there. I mean, the guy is a phenomenal talent, swing changes, everything that he does with the golf club and golf ball are pretty amazing. You just kind of hope you catch him on an off week somewhere.

Guys skipping this event to go prepare for next week -- are you kidding? This is the perfect course to set up for Augusta.