Ricardo Carvalho
FameRank: 4

"Ricardo Alberto Silveira de Carvalho", Order of Infante D. Henrique/OIH, is a Portuguese association football/footballer who plays as a Defender (association football)#Centre-back/centre back for AS Monaco FC.

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There's nothing like that on our national radio, ... We are giving a lot of importance to the problem the team is facing, rather than the strong points.

The airport was more difficult for him. He was the one who went through first. The players didn't have any problems. Only a few of the bad people were there.

Tiring just to watch him run so much.

Restaurants and bars here rely on Spaniards for 50 percent of the business, ... We cater to the Spaniards, but overall there is absolutely no tension. The only resentment is the fact they are richer than we are.