We hope he will be allowed to govern and that outside interference in Haiti's internal affairs ceases.

What the world should fight is the monopoly that some have over weapons of mass destruction and, in particular, nuclear arms.

The United States only accepts reports that are favorable. It is not surprising it continues to ignore the U.N. whenever convenient.

No one has the right to monopolize any source of energy fundamental for humanity.

Our view is that the Elian Gonzalez event may help us precisely to improve relations.

No one has the right to deny any people the possibility of the peaceful use of nuclear energy. What the world should combat precisely is the monopoly that some have over arms of mass destruction _ nuclear ones in particular.

What the U.S. government should do is grant them freedom immediately, ... If they want to accuse them of something else, then accuse them, present evidence, and search for an impartial tribunal.

We all know Mr Bush is a terrorist. But I want to indulge him, up to a certain point, he is not guilty. He learned to be a terrorist from the crib, he carries it in his blood.