I think this season was such a good one because it was a reflection of life. Life's going to have peaks and valleys. If you can stay in between ? not let your highs be too high or lows be too low ? you can survive. That's just life.

It was shocking just seeing him, ... I couldn't do anything but look at him the whole time. I left out of the courtroom I have so much anger.

Most of the games that were significant I went about 10-deep on our bench. And 10-deep meaning my eight and nine can still guard your top two. I started off the year practicing against boys, and I got rid of them because my second five was better than the boys that I could get to come play us.

I don't think these kids know how fortunate they are. This helps make the first year great if they have some scholarships.

We have a great girls and guys track program and cross country program, too. We want to be known as a school that's well rounded. You can do a lot things there besides play football. Basketball happens to be one of them, but we've got a nationally renowned speech and debate team, too.

It tells you how low diversity is at other institutions.

I think we're still in a little bit of shock about the way it all played out. I think our confidence was shattered there at the beginning.