Rex Ryan
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"Rex Ashley Ryan" is the head coach of the Buffalo Bills in the National Football League (NFL). After serving as an assistant coach for 22 years, Ryan attained his first head coaching job in the NFL with the New York Jets in 2009 NFL season#Coaching changes/2009. He is the son of former Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals head coach Buddy Ryan and is the fraternal twin brother of Rob Ryan, current defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints.

From a young age, Ryan aspired to follow in his father's footsteps and become a professional football coach. After spending the majority of his youth in Canada, Ryan returned to the United States as a teenager where he attended college at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Upon graduating Ryan spent the next 22 years serving as an assistant coach on different teams at both the college and professional level. At the behest of their head coach Brian Billick, Ryan joined the Baltimore Ravens in 1999 and spent nine years there. In 2005 he became the defensive coordinator, and in 2008 the assistant head coach.

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I said 'We've got to go before something bad happens,'.

Typical of Peter, [he] didn't quit on the play. It's a comfort to see number 58 [going] after the passer.

A lot was going to be expected of him. If he's ready to go, it takes time. He'll just be getting mental reps instead of the physical reps.

The sound of animals howling for their owners and the sight of drowning pets will haunt me the rest of my life.

They kept saying, 'We'll come back, we'll come back,' but no one came. I don't think anyone cared. People knew we were there, and no one came.

There were two men there who refused to leave. They didn't want to go if they couldn't bring their dogs. I probably wouldn't have left, either.

We probably learned the ins and outs of (the 46 defense) in two days, but it took about 10 years to really put it into action.

If you're going to have an injury, [the first day is] the day to get it. Then it gives you time to heal. It's really unfortunate, but that's what happens in this game. Hopefully everything will work out where he's back with us shortly, and we'll just move on.

I think that was when dad first realized how serious my twin brother and myself were of learning the business, ... I think he realized then that we knew a lot more about football than he had thought.