They're so grown up. It helps me and Blake (Morgan) as the younger starters. They help us keep our focus, especially since this is my first year. It almost feels like we're cheating, like they shouldn't be here.

We wanted to get into a 94foot game and that is what we did.

Josue is the best player and person that I have ever coached. He is very unselfish, and makes everyone around him better.

I thank God we had Soto in the first half.

Everyone is looking at this kid. And wherever Jason (Bennett) goes, that school is going to be on A.J.' s list. They won back-to-back state titles together, and A.J. would like to have a big guy in the middle.

I've had people tell me they started taking basketball seriously when we went to the Final Four.

It used to be, most of your great athletes in the state only played football. Now if you get the best kids from Florida, you have a chance to win a national (basketball) championship. I don't know if you could say that before.

Coach Huggins has been very successful. He did an excellent job at Cincinnati. He is one of two or three coaches who can make him better. It's his dream to play in the NBA.

At the time, we were the biggest thing to hit the state of Florida. This town really embraced basketball, and for a few weeks, everyone forgot about spring football.