Rex Miller
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"Rex Miller", born "Rex Miller Spangberg", wrote novels detailing the investigations of Jack Eichord, a fictional homicide detective who specialized in tracking down serial killers. Slob, the first novel of the series, introduced Daniel Bunkowski, a half-ton killing-machine serial murderer. For this novel Miller was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel. Other books in the series include Frenzy, Slice, Savant, and Stone Shadow.

Miller resurrected Daniel Bunkowski for three novels, Chaingang, Savant, and Butcher, that take place outside of the continuity of the Eichord series. Miller also wrote Profane Men, a novel set during the Vietnam War, in addition to the limited-edition novel St. Louis Blues.

Miller was also a popular disc jockey in the 1960s, and was considered an expert in the field of juvenile-related collectibles, particularly old time radio premiums.

Miller died in Sikeston, Missouri, on May 21, 2004.

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You find out a lot about your team when you wrestle eight times in two days. Considering the caliber of competition, I'm happy with how we did.

Physically, it's hard to keep up.

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