If you try to stuff too many visitors into this space we have, you begin to be a detriment to your product.

It really is a fragile industry.

This is a big-time card with a lot of influence.

Let's put it this way, it's been a good year.

Hotels last year were running as full as they possibly could. There were times in the high season where there was no room at the inn and you couldn't get a room in town. Given that our capacity is not going to grow by leaps and bounds, we are just about where we're in balance.

Things like get an extra 10,000 bonus miles if you go to Hawaii between then and now.

Yes, I think they did what they had to do given the circumstances of the event.

If we lose this thing called 'aloha,' we're just like any sand-and-surf destination. I don't believe we can afford to go there.