We did this study to see what is the economic impact in sports, with baseball in mind. While baseball is a good money generator, the surprise of this report is the biggest money raiser seems to be golf and tennis events.

Our competitor is the Cactus League in Arizona, and they are well aware of the contracts that are expiring (in Florida).

We have a problem in Florida and a lack of money generally prevents you from solving a problem. We have the money, we just have to think of creative solutions to solve the problem.

These are senior citizens that don't want to be bothered at this time of their life with fighting the Florida Legislature, and this is what they are doing on a sunny Saturday.

We'll see what he (Rubio) wants to do with that issue next year.

If we have one bad food incident, it would take us a decade to overcome the bad publicity.

I think the developers have found a flaw in the law and crawled through the crack. The flaw is the unsolicited offer.

While it looks like a good thing for mobile-home owners, it's a cost shift from the developers and the state over to cities and counties.

If we have only one incident or outbreak in Florida, that would likely trigger national attention and have a chilling effect on the tourism industry.