I don?t think there are any words to say how good they?re going to be the next three years. They work harder than anyone I know. They have really good attitudes, and coach Boyle is doing an amazing job. So you can definitely look for us to be competitive contenders the next three years.

As Coach has been stressing, our freshmen are only freshmen in name. They're very mature, smart people. It's actually been an easy transition playing with them.

Last year, we wanted this game, but I don't think we believed we could win. But this team believes to the bottom of its heart that we could beat Stanford today, so this hurts a lot.

Last year we didn't believe as much as this year's team. We truly believed we had a chance to beat Stanford. This one really hurts.

It literally took us two seconds to realize our school was California.

To be honest, I thought we only had a slim chance after losing in the tournament.