"Regina Lewis" is an United States/American author, national television contributor, and consumer trend expert. She is a contributor to USA Today [http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2013/06/01/quick-tips-videos-best-of-regina-lewis/2378193/] and regularly covers economic headlines for MSNBC on the weekends [http://video.msnbc.msn.com/weekends-with-alex-witt/52000503]. Ms. Lewis has previously served as host of DIY Network's Tech Out My House and AOL Consumer Advisor.

She first appeared on national TV in 1999 on the The Early Show/CBS Early Show, later assuming a full-time role as an expert commentator for several national network and cable programs, including Today (NBC program)/Today, The View (U.S. TV series)/The View, America This Morning/ABC World News This Morning", Fox News Channel, and CNN Headline News. Lewis has also filled in as co-host on CNNfn's The Flip Side, as well as Money Gang with Ali Velshi.

In 2000, Lewis contributed to the primetime reality series Big Brother (US)/Big Brother. She’s appeared on the syndicated entertainment program Extra (TV series)/Extra and has hosted red-carpet interviews for major events including the Grammy Award/Grammys and the world premiere of Harry Potter.

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A site like John Kerry's for instance is very well organized, very straight forward, and that could be paying off for him. It is not as sexy, and it is not talked about as much, but it's awfully practical.

It is a more personal medium than a lot of people give it credit for. Keep in mind, you are six inches from your computer. You are very focused. The candidates have one shot to make an impression.

A small publishing house is sometimes the way to go. I wanted somebody who would publish my book and care about my book. I wanted somebody to know my book and always remember it, and I found one. They take an interest in what you do. If they are committed to accept your book, then they are committed to you.

It's overwhelming the amount of support that the community has put forth.

It's the virtual equivalent of knocking on doors and shaking hands.