Reg Keys
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"Reginald Thomas Keys" (born 1952), is the father of a United Kingdom/British serviceman killed in the Iraq War. He stood in the United Kingdom general election, 2005/2005 General Election as an anti-war independent candidate for Member of Parliament/MP of Sedgefield (UK Parliament constituency)/Sedgefield, a constituency held by the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom/Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

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God and religion have nothing to do with this war.

There has to be prosecutions for the failure in the chain of command for those officers who were responsible for not carrying out the ... order that all patrols should carry a satellite phone and should have 150 rounds of ammunition.

We strongly feel that our sons were sent into a conflict not backed by international law or the United Nations.

I hope in my heart that the prime minister one day will say sorry.

The people who will be his judge is not God, it will be the families of the bereaved British soldiers and it will be the families of the bereaved innocent Iraqis who have all been slaughtered in this totally unnecessary conflict.

If this war had been justified by international law I would have grieved and not campaigned.