Red Schoendienst
FameRank: 4

"As player"

* St. Louis Cardinals (–)

* San Francisco Giants/New York Giants (–)

* Milwaukee Braves (–)

* St. Louis Cardinals (–)

"As manager"

* St. Louis Cardinals (–, , )


* 10× Major League Baseball All-Star Game/All-Star (1946 Major League Baseball All-Star Game/1946, 1948 Major League Baseball All-Star Game/1948–1955 Major League Baseball All-Star Game/1955, 1957 Major League Baseball All-Star Game/1957)

* 5× World Series champion (, , , , )

* List of Major League Baseball stolen base champions/NL stolen base champion (1945)

* St. Louis Cardinals#Retired numbers/St. Louis Cardinals #2 retired

* St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum/St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame


/hofmethod=Veterans Committee


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This is still a good-looking park. But the new stadium will be better for the fans. It's not like we're going to another state or another city. We're going next door. I look at it as progress.

I just like still being around, seeing who's who and keeping up with what's going on.

There's a lot of memories here. No question about it.

Going from that old ballpark – it was a real old one – and coming over here was something. It was really a pleasure.

Look at all the memories we have here. I'm just glad we get to come back for some more baseball.