I damn sure wish it hadn't happened until the season was over. He's under contract with us and he's obligated to us. Right now, everyone's saying the right things. We'll just see how it works out. The bottom line is we don't know.

You've humiliated all suite attendants with your performance tonight!

I don't know what Mr. Wilf has been smoking.

At this point, I don't see relocation as a viable alternative, because the league has said, 'You've got to make it work [in Minnesota].' The league knows I'd be very happy to be in L.A., but I'd also like to be here with a new stadium.

I don't see them as an obstacle. I see them as a plus, ... I know that can change. And he doesn't always prevail. You've got to get 23 votes, and Mr. Tagliabue doesn't vote.

Let's face it. I would love to be in L.A.,

And at that time we'll sit down and discuss whether or not Mike wants to work out an extension. If he [loses the rest of his games], I'm still going to exercise the option. Mike is going to stay with me as long as he wants to.

It's unfortunate that it took these circumstance to get these games over here, but it will show San Antonio is ready for a team.