Rebecca Miller
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"Rebecca Augusta Miller" is an American film director, screenwriting/screenwriter, author and actress, most known for her films Personal Velocity: Three Portraits (winner of the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award), The Ballad of Jack and Rose, Angela (1995 film)/Angela and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, all of which she wrote and directed. She is the daughter of Magnum Photos/Magnum photographer Inge Morath and playwright Arthur Miller and the wife of the British actor Sir Daniel Day-Lewis.

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I'm thankful that everyone got out safely. You always wonder how it's going to be if it ever happens.

We were in bed and we heard someone's fire alarm go off, started smelling smoke and looked out the window, everyone was outside, so we just rushed out and saw everything was on fire.

I have never gone through this before and of course fear is right there. But we are just so, we believe firmly in faith and that has been what has pulled us through these months. all you can do is just have faith and hope for the best and pray that God will keep everything where it is suppose to be.

I have paid the royalties to national and am not sure whether they will refund me. Nevertheless, my feeling is that parents would rather have their money than the cotillion right now. And if we wait a few months to see what the interest is, perhaps we could continue it and readjust the schedule.

Those who have paid and put a deposit in would just have it carried over. Then, if some of the students have moved, they get a refund. I really don't mind giving the money back now, though the full amount would be hard, mainly because I have already incurred the expenses. It is hard to know how the parents feel. I would rather give them the full refund than give them a bad taste in their mouth.

I am a believer that if you are going to be a member of an organization, then you should work to give back to it.

They (national) would like me to postpone any decision for at least a few months. I will be in Pascagoula next weekend to check on Scranton's.

If, by chance, I cannot continue, I would refund the money. I really do love doing the cotillion because I love working with these children. It has meant a lot to me to be able to do something positive after our personal tragedy and now our community's difficulty.