I think we've drawn a lot of attention to ourselves.

There is no implication that we have to celebrate the Constitution, and we are not asked to adopt any point of view.

The Last Time I Saw You ... the obsessive, darkly humorous voice that has earned her comparisons to Samuel Beckett and Djuna Barnes.

Yes, there is a topic (the Constitution), but what we have to think about is whether we think it is appropriate for the government to select a topic.

It's a cultural thing, a gospel thing. I just can't stop coming.

The federal government now requires every person who wants to come here to go to an interview with the U.S. consulate.

People out there plan trips around national scenic byways ... Being listed is a way for people to find you.

After four days of community service, you kind of get stuck on it. I wanted to hike the mountain but I enjoy the community service.