They had a great showing in the game. Those guys will really be solid. I think I have three of the best that will play on this level.

It's the little things that count in a game like this — small things like knowing the rules. It's something we're trying to overcome as a start-up team.

That?s something you really can?t trade for. It?s tough to get good solid players, especially big guys. We got a group of guys that wanted to play that have some really good skill and good experience, both college and professional.

We had a couple of injuries on the defensive side and the guys got worn down. Give all credit to Charleston, because they knew what the weaknesses were. They kept at it.

Marshall likes the quick game. We will try to stretch the field and do a few things.

We'll put a little pressure on them and let the guys get a chance to separate themselves during the camp. It's so tough when you don't have pads on and are only doing certain things. But right now, it's just picking up the indoor game.