Ray White
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"Ray White" is an African American soul music/soul vocalist and rock and blues guitar/guitarist, best known as a member of Frank Zappa's touring ensembles. He was drafted into Zappa's band in the fall of 1976, being featured on rhythm guitar and vocals, forming a memorable vocal harmony partnership with Ike Willis on later tours in 1980 and 1984. White's vocals can be heard on Zappa in New York, You Are What You Is (Sept 1981) as well as others. White can also be found on a The Torture Never Stops and Does Humor Belong in Music? (video)/Does Humor Belong in Music?; the former a DVD set in one of Zappa's last tours (without Ike Willis) and the latter being a VHS filmed at the pier in New York, the video features White and Ike Willis' signature vocal harmonies. According to Zappa, White, who was deeply religious, was uncomfortable with the atheistic views of some of the other band members, which led to his departure.

White has also worked with jam-oriented groups like KVHW, Don't Push the Clown and Umphrey's McGee since his contributions to the Zappa band, and has more recently worked with a variety of Michigan artists, including former Rare Earth (band)/Rare Earth drummer Bob Weaver, as well as members of the funk/fusion combo Generic Produce.

In summer 2007 Ray White joined Dweezil Zappa as a special guest for the Zappa Plays Zappa Tour.

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